Sun Number Meaning: What Is It and How Do You Tell Your Score?

As you and your family make the switch to home solar power, one of the terms you’ll often hear tossed around by solar power aficionados is “sun number.” But what does “sun number” mean, and how does it affect your home’s solar power? At Solar Bear Tampa, we’re here to answer these questions and more, to help you throughout the home solar installation process.

Here’s what your sun number is and how to tell your sun number score. 

What is a sun number? 

Simply put, a sun number is a rating between one and 100 that helps you determine how well-suited your home, or any home for that matter, is suited for solar power. A few factors that affect the strength of your sun number rating include many factors relevant to installing effective solar power systems on your home, such as:

  • The average amount of yearly sunlight where you live
  • The pitch of your roof and the direction it faces
  • How shaded your roof is, or if there are any obstructions to direct sunlight
  • Local cost of electricity
  • Local cost of solar installation

How do I tell my sun number score? 

Any realtor should be able to give you your home’s sun number score, or you can find it out from your local home solar provider, like Solar Bear Tampa. You can also find it listed along with the rest of your home’s information on sites like It is usually included with information like how many bedrooms a house might have, which school district your home is zoned for, and all the other pertinent home value details that might affect your home’s overall valuation. 

How does my sun number affect my home’s solar power? 

While having a good sun number certainly doesn’t hurt your home’s potential for installing an effective solar power system, it isn’t the end-all-be-all of solar power. 

We hope that these answers help you better understand how a sun number affects your home solar power solutions, but if you need any further help, call Solar Bear Tampa today to make an appointment with one of our friendly solar experts.