Does Installing Solar Panels Affect My Roof Warranty?

Your roof is one of the most important components of your house and can be very expensive to replace, so when you are considering installing solar panels, it is crucial to understand what your roof’s warranty entails. 

Installing solar panels on a pitched roof involves drilling dozens of holes into the roof, and possible modifications to the shingles, so you may be wondering will installing solar panels affect my roof warranty in any way? We’re glad you asked! Let’s discuss. 

Roof Warranties

Generally, your roof will have two parts to it:

  • Installer’s warranty 
  • Materials warranty 

The installer’s warranty covers the workmanship of the roof’s installation itself. Though the duration of an installer’s warranties varies, 10 years is the usual standard. 

A materials warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the shingles, tiles, or other roofing products. Depending on the product that your roof is made from, the warranty could range from 25-50 years. 

Failures that occur due to improper installation are covered by the installer’s warranty, and defects in the roofing product are covered by the manufacturer, but only if the product was installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

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Racking Systems

There are two types of solar panel racking systems that you will find in use on residential homes. 

For pitched roofed homes, the racking system is mechanically attached with bolts or screws that penetrate the roof. The other is used on flat roofs and is a ballasted racking system that uses weights to keep the solar system in place rather than fasteners. 

High-quality racking systems are designed so that the footing—the part that comes in contact with the roof and requires the use of bolts or screws—is protected with metal flashing and sealed from the elements with waterproofing materials. 

It is possible that solar installations can go wrong, and that your roof can end up with leaks and a voided warranty, but if installed correctly, your solar system should not affect your roof’s warranty. 

Check Before You Begin 

If you still have an installer’s warranty on your roof, consult with your solar installer before beginning the solar installation process. They will let you know what your roofing warranty entails and if the solar installation will void the warranty. They will also know what measures to take to prevent voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Generally, your roofer will want to know what will be used to waterproof the roof after penetration and if the roof’s structure will have the load capacity to take on the additional weight of the solar panels and their racking system. 

Don’t Void Your Warranty 

It is very important when investing in a solar system to choose a reliable and professional company to work with. In most cases, your roof warranty will not be voided by solar installation, but there is a caveat: the solar installer must have done the work correctly. 

Your roof’s warranty could be voided if:

  • Your roof was damaged during install, for example, tiles were cracked, or the roofing membrane was compromised. 
  • Incorrect fasteners were used to attach footings to your roof
  • Low-quality racking systems were used
  • No waterproofing features were used 
  • The racking system was installed improperly 

These and other mistakes could lead to costly roof damage and leaks, even years down the road. 

After Installation: Perform an Annual Check

At least once a year, inspect your roof (or have your roof inspected.) Look for water damage and any leaks which you will be able to identify as water stains. 

If you do find a leak or issue with your roof, contact the company who installed your system immediately as the damage should be covered by the installer warranty. 

Roof Considerations Before Installing Solar 

A properly installed solar system won’t damage your roof or void your warranty, in fact, solar panels can shield your roof from sun damage and the elements. 

Considerations before going solar:

  • Know how old your roof is. If it is still under warranty, know what the warranty entails. 
  • If your roof is over 10 years old, consider delaying solar panel installation until you can do a roof replacement at the same time. 
  • Understand your solar installer’s warranty. 
  • Choose a licensed and trustworthy company. 

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