Why You Should Avoid DIY Solar Installation

While it can be tempting to DIY the installation of your solar panel installation, after all, you want to save money, right? Unfortunately, no. That’s not how it works. 

Solar panels are generally not a weekend project that a homeowner should take on. They are complex and should be installed by a professional company that is licensed and certified in solar installations. 

Attempting to DIY a solar install can often yield more risk than reward. Here are some reasons why: 

Permits and Regulations 

When installing solar panels, you must follow specific regulations and have the proper permits pulled to begin the installation. A licensed solar contractor will make sure that all codes are being followed and have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right. Plus, they will pull the permits for you. 

You may also need approval from an electrical inspector or other city planning departments, which your solar contractor from Solar Bear can help you secure. 

Further, when you hire a professional solar installation company, you ensure that your solar system meets any specific requirements that your insurance company has, which safeguards you against any future problems. 

Proper Placement 

The hardest part of solar panel installation isn’t the actual installation process, it’s the planning process beforehand. Solar panels must be placed in the proper placement to harness peak solar energy. 

You can’t just stick solar panels on your roof and hope for the best, that would be a waste of time and money. If they aren’t placed correctly, you won’t get the optimal amount of energy you need to power your home. You also won’t be saving much on your monthly energy bill either. 

With a professional solar installation company like Solar Bear, you can rest assured that your solar panels will be placed in the optimal position to harness the most energy from the sun. 

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Roof Damage

Before investing in solar panels, it is important to consider if your roof is structurally sound to hold solar heavy panels. Many times, we find that client’s roofs aren’t strong enough and that they require some strengthening or support before we can move ahead with installing a solar system. 

Since a certified solar installer should be hired to carry out a structural analysis of your roof before installation, if you DIY your solar panel install, you’re likely skipping this important step as well. 

Additionally, your roof may need to be modified to accommodate the solar panel joists and if you are inexperienced, you can damage your roof, causing expensive repairs and possible leaks.

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Even if you are an avid DIYer and planner, the installation of solar panels is not a simple undertaking. The process is labor-intensive and complex, particularly because there is high-voltage wiring involved. You run the risk of injuring yourself if you do all the wiring work on your own, and if done incorrectly, the wiring could cause a fire, or hurt others in your household. 

Further, solar panels that are not properly installed can cause power surges that can blow up an inverter which in turn could burn down your property. There is also the risk of electrocution if you are near the wires. Yikes! 

It’s simple, don’t try to DIY your solar panels, call in a professional from Solar Bear Orlando instead! 

Resist the Urge to DIY Your Solar Panels

Don’t try to tackle a DIY solar installation, instead, save yourself a lot of stress and choose a licensed, reputable solar installation company like Solar Bear for your solar and energy efficiency needs! 

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