Do Solar Tax Benefits Apply If I’m Re-Roofing?

Every long-term homeowner is familiar with the need to re-roof. If you’re re-roofing in Florida, we here at Solar Bear Tampa understand that you might be interested in taking the leap to solar. 

There are undeniably many benefits to roofing with solar, including significant home energy savings on a month-by-month basis. But do solar tax benefits apply if you are re-roofing with solar? 

As with most tax questions, the answer is somewhat complex. 

According to the IRS, solar tax benefits apply to costs “for property that uses solar energy to generate electricity for use in your home located in the United States.” That sounds like it might apply to re-roofing, right? Well, let’s continue to look at what the IRS has to say.

The IRS tax code regarding the solar credit says that “Some solar roofing tiles and solar roofing shingles serve the function of both traditional roofing and solar electric collectors and thus serve functions of both solar electric generation and structural support. These solar roofing tiles and solar roofing shingles can qualify for the credit.”

That sounds pretty promising, but there is a specific clause of the tax credit code that is very important to consider when answering the question of whether solar tax benefits apply if you’re re-roofing. 

It continues like this: “This is in contrast to structural components such as a roof’s decking or rafters that serve only a roofing or structural function and thus do not qualify for the credit.

That means that if you’re re-roofing for any structural reasons, it’s pretty tricky to claim the solar tax credit. That being said, if you consult a solar professional and a tax attorney, odds are good that together, they can figure out how to choose qualified solar tiles or solar roofing shingles that will apply for the tax credit. 

Solar tax credit or not, there are many reasons to re-roof your home with solar. If you have any questions or need re-roofing advice, call our experts at Solar Bear Tampa today!