Go Solar for Exterior Home Remodeling with Long-Term Benefits

When building a new home or remodeling the exterior of your home, solar can be a great option to take your home to the next level. There are many ways to incorporate solar power into your home that can increase the value of your home and help you gain energy independence. 

Learn some amazing ways to remodel the exterior of your home with solar! 

Install a Solar System

When renovating the exterior of your home, consider installing a solar panel array on your roof to make your home more energy efficient. 

Keep in mind, multiple factors can influence the value that solar panels could add to your exterior remodel. These can include:

  • Geographic location: Different states and cities can have different electrical costs and the higher the costs the greater the value for your solar panels. Where you live can also influence the amount of sun exposure that your panels will get during the day. Luckily in Florida, we have plenty of sunshine! 
  • Local solar prices: Also, you will need to consider the cost of installing solar in your area. Your home will be more valuable if buyers are searching for homes with solar systems already installed. 
  • System output: A larger system will generate more energy and can provide more value as you renovate your home’s exterior. 

Don’t forget about the Federal Solar Tax Credit when installing your solar panels! 

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Solar Shingles 

Though solar panels can be a great investment in your home, some homeowners aren’t crazy about the look of conventional solar panels. Enter solar shingles. Solar shingles combine the best parts of being able to generate solar electricity with the reliability of traditional shingles and can be used as the primary roofing material on your house. (Plus, they look great!)

If you are already planning on getting solar and need a new roof, solar shingles might be something that you want to consider. When viewed from the street, they look quite similar to traditional shingles and also come in other styles that can mimic clay tile or slate as well. The best part? Solar shingles are extremely tough and have long-term benefits not only for your roof’s longevity but for energy production. 

Solar Carports

If you are planning to install a carport during your exterior remodeling, make it a solar carport! Solar carports have become popular over the years for easy charging of electric vehicles (EVs). But solar carports aren’t just for charging your EV! They can also provide energy for your home since they produce just as much (or more) energy as a standard roof-mounted system. 

The best part is that solar carports can take full advantage of all that Florida sunshine by being installed towards the sun. 

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Solar Pergolas

Take your solar project one step further and install a solar pergola. Not only will you have a beautiful and unique entertaining area, but you will be able to generate energy for your home while relaxing outside! Solar panels can provide shade for your outdoor entertaining areas. 

Plus, solar panels can be added to your existing pergola and is a great option if you want to avoid putting solar panels on your roof. 

Solar Pool Heaters

If you have an in-ground pool, you can heat it during the colder months with a solar pool heating system. It’s quite simple: water is filtered from your pool then circulated through pipes to solar collectors where it is heated and piped back to your pool. Unlike a traditional pool heater, a solar-powered pool heater costs very little to maintain and generates its own electricity. 

Go Solar in Florida. Choose Solar Bear 

If you are ready to reap the benefits of installing a solar panel system during your exterior home remodel, give our team at Solar Bear a call! We are experts in solar energy and will help you decide which solar option is best for your home and energy needs. 

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