How Solar Storage Keeps Your Home Safe During Rolling Blackouts

Having solar power for your home not only keeps your monthly energy costs down but can also help you weather rolling blackouts and other power outages. Outages can wreak havoc on your home–you could lose groceries when the fridge gets too warm, for instance. Or worse – your heat or A/C could go out during harsh weather.

If you or your loved ones rely on electricity for medical equipment or other healthcare supplies, losing power can often literally become a matter of life and death. At Solar Bear Tampa, we want more than anything to keep you and your family comfortable and safe. And with home solar power, your household is much more equipped to handle rolling blackouts and power outages. 

Here’s how having solar power—and more importantly, solar storage—can help you get through rolling blackouts safely. 

Solar panels are designed to soak up rays from the sun, all day, every day, as long as there is not too much cloud cover. Most days, especially in Florida, the sunshine outweighs an average home’s energy use by far, which means that there is a lot of excess energy collected by your solar panels, day in and day out. 

As long as your home solar power solution comes with a solar battery or other kind of solar storage, any excess energy can be stored and used for a later time, like, for example, when your house or neighborhood is experiencing rolling blackouts. 

For more information on this and other ways that your solar home solution can serve you, please give us a call at Solar Bear Tampa today.