Looking Forward: Why Solar is the Power of the Future

The sun is an amazing source of energy because it is readily available and is renewable. New technological advances in the past few years have increased reliance on solar energy by reducing upfront costs and increasing solar efficiency. 

Solar power is now much more affordable and installation easier than ever before with new innovative solar panel designs and technologies. 

Why is solar the power of the future? Scroll down to learn the benefits of solar and how it can change the future! 

Solar Solutions for Construction 

Construction companies know the importance of keeping up with technological advances and have begun offering solar solutions to clients and using solar energy themselves. The use of solar energy allows construction companies to use fewer fossil fuels and solar energy can run tools and machinery which saves on oil and gasoline costs. 

Solar Can Be Used by Anyone

Solar power can be considered the way of the future because of its versatility. Wherever people live, solar energy will always be able to be used. For example, those living in rural communities can use solar power to bring renewable energy to their homes without hassle and bureaucracy. 

People can rely on the sun day in and day out for energy. Unlike fossil fuels, sunlight is a guaranteed resource of energy and can be harnessed even during the winter and in colder climates. 

Solar Energy = Savings

Because of the ups and downs of our economy, more people are looking for ways to save money. Installing solar panels can reduce electricity bills, can be used in net-metering programs, and could be eligible for a solar tax credit. 

In the future people can save money with solar by:

  • Lowering their electricity bills or possibly eliminating them altogether
  • Taking part in solar rebate programs to receive cashback on a newly purchased PV system
  • Take advantage of net metering programs which enable homeowners to sell excess solar power back to the utility company and earn credit. 
  • Using the Federal Tax Credit where taxpayers can claim a federal solar energy tax credit on their income taxes for up to 30% of the cost of the installation of a solar system.

Solar Energy is Good for the Environment

Our current means of producing electricity is not a sustainable process. The burning of coal, oil, and gas can be detrimental to the health of our environment. Current electricity production creates excessive carbon dioxide emissions, the extraction of fossil fuels contributes to pollution, and the use of our water supply causes far-reaching environmental problems around the world. 

It is safe to say that using renewable energy sources like solar power will help save and protect our environment. 

Solar is a Great Investment

The world will need more solar energy in the future and the sun will become one of our greatest resources and a cheap form of power, especially in our sunniest regions. Solar is a great investment in the future of our world not just because of energy savings, but because it can save our environment and can benefit cities big and small across the globe. 

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