Why 2021 is the Perfect Time to Go Solar

Interested in going solar? Now is the time to do it! The solar energy experts at Solar Bear Tampa explain why…

The Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit Extension

In 2005, the U.S. government put the Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit in place as an incentive for homeowners to install solar systems. Taxpayers were initially given 30% off the price of a home solar installation. This credit was to be extended annually, then phased down to 26% in 2020, 22% in 2021, and down to zero, zilch, nada after this year…bummer.

But alas! Congress recently extended the 26% tax credit through 2022 with a slight drop to 23% in 2023. So, to put this in perspective, if your solar system costs $15,000, your income tax liability will decrease by $3,900 (26% of $15,000) making the actual cost of your solar system just $11,100!

The Technology

Thanks to advances in solar technology, the cost of solar panels has dropped nearly 80 percent just in the last five years! In addition to the cost savings, solar panels have been around long enough to have a proven track record of success. Installations have become seamless, and there are no surprises with the unchartered territory of new technology. 

Going Green

With a growing emphasis on the importance of clean air, environmental initiatives have never been more important. So, in addition to the significant cost savings, solar power is also an environmentally friendly, clean form of energy that does not emit any kind of greenhouse gases. You can feel better knowing that you have substantially lowered your carbon footprint. 

Lower Energy Bills

The cost-saving benefits of solar panels begin the very day your system is installed! According to Energy Informative, studies show that homeowners who invest in solar panels can reduce their electric bill by more than $100 per month! So, whether you are going completely solar or just supplementing your grid, these savings will not only put more money in your pocket, but it will also eventually pay for your solar panel system. 

Customized Solar Systems

Solar panel systems can now be customized to fit the unique needs of your home. Whether you choose rack-mounted or integrated tile, you can decide the amount of energy your home produces and how much you can save on electricity. 

One-Time Investment

Investing in solar panels is a big final decision, however, it is also a one-time investment that requires no additional costs! The only “maintenance” is scheduling a yearly inspection, and if you go with Solar Bear, the first five years of annual maintenance checks are free!  

Go solar with Solar Bear!

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