Does Home Solar Improve Property Value?

Looking for ways to increase your home’s property value? Go solar! Adding solar power to your home is one of the best ways to increase your property’s value and reduce your monthly utility bills. Keep reading to learn more…

The Importance of Solar 

According to the Solar energy Industries Association, in 2020, solar energy accounted for 43% of new electricity-generating capacity in the United States! Because of the many benefits to installing solar power, this number is on the rise. 

How much can solar increase a home’s resale value?

Studies show that sellers in the state of Florida receive 4.6% more of the selling price if the home is powered by solar. This increase equals an additional $9,000 for the median-priced home! 

Why do solar-powered homes sell for more?

There are many benefits to installing home solar power, all of which add to the home’s property value. Some of these benefits include:

Lower Utility Bills: The main reason for an increase in property value is cost savings. Houses with solar systems are less expensive to own because of the utility bills are significantly less (up to $300 less per month!). 

Florida Net Metering: As if lower utility bills weren’t enough, there’s also a program called Florida Net Metering which is one of the most important regulatory policies for residential solar owners in the state of Florida. It works by monitoring the amount of electricity that a home uses by being on the grid. (Homeowners continue to “stay on the grid” as a backup power supply). The solar panels create solar energy, any unused energy supplied by your electric company will be sent back to the grid and the homeowner will receive a credit. 

Energy Efficiency: Today, Americans are increasingly concerned about the environment. Solar energy has become increasingly popular because it helps homeowner reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and lowers their carbon footprint. Also, the operating expense for energy-efficient homes are less, thus they are cheaper to own. 

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